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He had to respect the fact that she was actually stepping up and accepting her loss; but not for even a second did it cross his mind to be merciful, for she had humiliated him too often.

Sophie once again positioned herself behind her and mimicked fucking her from behind as the men cried for more. As she gasped she saw a cue card that told her to ask to be spanked and that she had to say thank you after every blow. Sophie again let her fingertips caress the now red cheek. The worst part was that the heat of her cheeks and the shockwaves of the slaps had made her pussy react.

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Kristen thought it was good to know that the girl was so anti woman on woman action, but as Yanick stepped forward, Sophie yanked her head back up by the hair and jammed two fingers into her soaking little cunt. Pinching her nipples and slapping her ass. Yanick dropped the bikini top from Sophie, assuring her that it is okay as the young model started to protest, and someone else started to slap between her ass cheeks and legs with malicious force.

As Yanick pinched the nipples of his model until they stood in proud attention he whispered something in her ear. Sophie shook her head not agreeing to it but as one of his hand cupped her mound, Kirsten could see that the girl would agree to anything he asked.

At the same time she was grabbed by her hands and feet and flipped over on the floor. To her surprise she saw Sophie stand between her legs, slowly getting down on top of her until their breast mashed each other and their lips almost touched. However, just as their lips were about to touch Sophie backed off and slapped her in the face. Shivering, Kirsten watched as Sophie skilfully aroused her by kissing and licking every inch of her stomach and thighs without touching her pussy while Yanick stood behind her rubbing her ass through her shorts.

Unfortunately, her view was obstructed as Tommy straddled her chest, aiming keno bet kz cock towards her lips. Too excited to react she opened her mouth and let Tommy skullfuck her. For some reason this bothered Kirsten more than anything else. As another cock exploded all over her tits she wondered how long this would take. For her part she just opened her mouth as the seventh cock of the night came to fuck her face.

Even if it was demeaning to her, Sophie smiled broadly towards Kirsten in a way that showed what she thought about being preferred. She did stop smiling at the next comment though. But as the lesbian girl who was being nailed from behind kept teasing her, Sophie started to complain again.

The annoyed response of the model changed in a little moan as the expert muff diver worked her magic. As she felt yet another cock explode in her pussy and being replaced she just imagined it was another woman with a strap-on fucking her from behind as the sweet taste of pussy filled her mouth and nostrils.

The sound of moans filled the dojo as both girls where pushed over the edge. Finally when all of the cum was licked off the beautiful starlet, Yanick pulled her on top of the girl. From the corner of her eye she could see Yan and Tommy were talking about something as several men started to grope at her again.

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Cyborg Action Sci-Fi Thriller. A martial artist hunts a killer in a plague-infested urban dump of the future.

Патруль времени Action Crime Sci-Fi. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jean-Claude Van Damme Lyon Harrison Page Joshua Deborah Rennard Cynthia Lisa Pelikan Helene Ashley Johnson Nicole Gaultier Brian Thompson Russell Voyo Goric Hartog Michel Qissi Moustafa George McDaniel Adjutant Eric Karson Doctor Ash Adams Francois as Jason Adams William T.

Drug Dealer Roz Bosley Nurse Dennis Rucker Plot Keywords: Too tough to die. Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: English Serbian.

Release Date: Also Known As: Filming Locations: Argyle Hotel - Sunset Blvd. Production Co: Sound Mix: Edit Did You Know? Trivia A sequel was planned but never materialized. Goofs During the fight in the pool, Lionheart gets a cut on his right cheek. As he wins the fight and begins to walk up and out of the pool, before the scene fades out we can see that the cut is gone, and his cheek is fine.

Quotes Joshua: The whole bet is on Atilla! Wrong bet! There are more scenes edited as well.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Lyon goes to the hospital where his brother was taken. However she refuses to accept any financial aid from him, even though she obviously needs it, because she is angry with Lyon for "deserting" his brother years ago.

She threatens to call the cops and Lyon has no choice but to leave. To provide finance to help his sister-in-law and daughter Nicole, Joshua introduces Lyon in the L.

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Lyon fights them off, but suffers a broken rib. Cynthia stacks the odds by smuggling a video of Attila and making it look as if he is fighting poorly in one of his earlier bouts, which as expected fails to impress the odds-makers. The Legionnaires agree to this, provided they can be in the audience watching.

When it appears "Attila" has Ближайшая Букмекерская Кантора Леон, Joshua begs Lyon to give up, revealing that they were both used by Cynthia. Lyon, angered by this news, bounces back and summons up all his remaining strength to defeat Attila, subduing but not killing him. While bookies sideline Cynthia demanding she pay up, the Legionnaires capture Lyon. They escort him back to the apartment, where they give him some time to say his goodbyes before being returned to Africa, where he will be court-martialed for desertion.

Lyon tells his niece that he must go but to try to look for times when life can be good, which is emotional as she does not understand. Ultimately, Lyon is shown running back to a pleased Joshua and joyous family. They had become friends and Van Damme was impressed with a short film Lettich made, Firebaseand agreed for Lettich to direct. Lionheart was a defining film for Van Damme because I did not shy away from giving him considerable amounts of dialogue and character development throughout the film.

I trusted him to pull this off, whereas before nobody else believed he could do much more than just deliver some fancy kicks and simple one-liners. Lionheart was the first movie to demonstrate that Van Damme was more than just a flash-in-the-pan "Karate Guy" who would never rise above simplistic low-budget karate movies.