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Leon apk

Leonflix is a media search tool.

How does it work?

It does not host any copyrighted videos on its servers. The maker of Leonflix does not condone the streaming of copyrighted content and intends that this tool be strictly used for searching open license or public domain movies and shows.

Leonflix has no control over what media is put up or taken down. It merely scrapes 3rd-party websites that are publicly accessible via any regular web browser. Modules are "addons" to Leonflix that users can install to find the content they want or to customize their experience. Leonflix modules are still in development, but eventually the module system will betting hot opened up to all 3rd party developers.

The goal is to expand on the types of media Leonflix can play as well as the protocols they can be played on. In combination with 3rd party modules, we should see some really interesting things in the future. Most likely your ISP is blocking certain modules. You can also try installing additional modules inside the app, or try using it with a VPN.

As of now Leonflix is a desktop-only app and is not available on Android devices. There are plans to expand to Android one day, however improving the desktop experience is the main priority as of now. You can also accomplish this in your Terminal: AppImage And then: Leonflix beta A multi-platform desktop app for finding movies and TV shows. Downloads Beta 0.

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Leon 1.0 APK

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